Who is Millhouse Entertainment?

The mission of Millhouse Entertainment is enhancing artistic development of youth through educational awareness of the arts/entertainment industry.

Millhouse Entertainment, initially named Millhouse Production, was founded by radio air personality 'Milli Mills' also known as Mildred L. Batts. In 2002, Millhouse Entertainment transferred its base to the Dallas - Ft. Worth Metroplex to further develop and cultivate its divine purpose. That purpose is to serve as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization to raise awareness preferably to youth individuals who express an interest in the entertainment industry by serving as a liaison to connect the gap of opportunity for all individuals through the exposure of seminars, vocational workshops, and conferences.  Sign-Up to receive Event Announcements!

As a non-profit organization, we are accepting donations to support our operating expenses and materials. All donations may be mailed in care of:

Millhouse Entertainment
9239 Amberglen Blvd, #7206
Austin, TX 78729
PH: 469.544.9022


Art of the Arts Seminars

The "Art of the Arts Seminars" are FREE seminars that provide attendants with industry material and allows key guests industry speakers to share insight of the industry from their own perspective and answer questions near the end of the lecture/seminar.  If you have questions about Millhouse Entertaiment or its Community Youth program, please contact Mildred "Milli" Batts at millimills2000@yahoo.com or contact (469) 544-9022.


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