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Millhouse Entertainment is here to help you in the area of direction and development by educating you of the opportunities available locally in the arts/entertainment industry, which can lead you on the path for major success in the future.  Millhouse Entertainment "Art of the Arts Seminars" are quarterly seminars held at various locations throughout the Dallas-Forth Worth Metroplex to raise awareness to youth individuals who are interested in pursuing a career in the arts/entertainment field.  Millhouse's target demographic include: middle school, high school, and college freshman students.

Art of the Arts Seminars

The "Arts of the Arts Seminars" are FREE seminars that provide attendants with industry material and allows key guests industry speakers to share insight of the industry from their own perspective and answer questions near the end of the lecture/seminar.  If you have questions about Millhouse Entertainment or its Community Youth program, please contact Mildred "Milli" Batts at or contact (469) 544-9022.

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