Millhouse Entertainment Programs

Millhouse specializes in the development of talent by grooming, educating, exposing talent through media, print, and talent showcases.

Millhouse serves potential singers, dancers, actors, models, and voice-over artists of all ages to aid in launching their careers to the next level. Millhouse serves a liaison between the upcoming to the majors.

Seminar Photo:

'Art of the Arts' Winter Seminar   

  • Art of the Arts Educational Youth Seminars

Free quarterly seminars designed to educate and raise awareness of youth in the field of arts/entertainment in area high schools and community centers in Irving, TX. Key guest industry professionals serve on a panel of discussion readily providing career insight, tools/materials, and career advice to youth attendants that express an interest in the field of arts/entertainment.

  • Arts/Entertainment Scholarships

An opportunity to recognize academic achievement is offered by rewarding $500 - $1000 academic scholarships twice a year to high school seniors who academically excel well in the curriculum of arts/entertainment.

  •  Youth Talent Showcase

Is a new program that is scheduled to launch this winter that features gifted and talented youth in Dallas-Ft. Worth and surrounding areas. Giving them a chance to spotlight and showcase their talent. 

  • Internships in the following area:

    1. Production Assistant for Media/Events

    2. Promotions Assistant for Media/Events Planning

These internships are offered year round. Check website periodically for vacancies and/or announcements! 

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