The History of the Dream…

The dream all began with Mildred L. Batts, a.k.a "Milli Mills" and Millhouse Production in 1998 in Memphis, TN. The name "Millhouse" originated from a portion of Milli's name, along with the idea that millions could be generated in an entity of entertainment production that could help salvage the needs and appetite of desperately seeking artists, "Serving The Appetite Of The Hungry Artist".

At the tender age of three, Milli recognized her gift of dance in her living room among family members. At age seven, Milli's sister, Margaret, noticed the passion and talent Milli had and entered her in a high school talent show. After receiving an overwhelming response from the experience, Milli believed that the entertainment industry had a place for her. From there stemmed several middle school and high school talent competitions. Being a small town girl with big dreams, Milli was influenced by the Jackson Five, James Brown, Donna Summer, Hall and Oates, Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson and Prince in her early years.

With a strong desire to launch a career in the entertainment industry, Milli attended college and majored in a field closely related to entertainment to help solidify her career in the entertainment industry. That field was Speech and Theater with a concentration in Communications. Using her education as a vehicle and networking tool to place her in the entertainment arena, Milli received her first break in the industry at a nearby campus radio station AM 1590 KYDE in Pine Bluff, Arkansas as an intern student.

Since her university days, Milli has worked in several markets for various radio stations including KIPR Power 92.3 Jams in Little Rock, AR and Delta Force II 104.9 (formerly KCLT) in West Helena, AR, where she served as the Program Director for two years. For ten years, Milli was in the spotlight in the Memphis market while working for the following radio stations: WHRK K-97 FM, WLOK Gospel AM 1340, WMC-FM 100, KJMS, Smooth Jams 101.1 FM, KXHT Hot 107.1 FM, WSRR Star 98.1 FM and The River WRVR 104.5 FM. She served as an extra in the 1993 Tom Cruise blockbuster movie, "The Firm", and voiced many local and regional radio and TV commercial spots, in addition to appearing in several local and regional TV commercials. While enjoying the success and popularity of a radio talent, Milli's marketing and promotions skills blossomed when she joined a hip-hop dance troop in 1993 called Suave'ious. At the time, Milli was a radio personality for WHRK K-97 FM and had inside access to upcoming concerts as well as concert promoters. This access, along with Milli's charismatic personality, led Milli to become a booking agent and publicist for the group Suave'ious. Milli felt that she might have a knack for management in the entertainment business. When a slew of demands from listeners/local artists requesting her assistance in the area of artist development/artist repertoire, Milli responded to the beckoning of the call and went to work! While burning up the stage and the airwaves, Milli developed her managerial and operational skills in 1998 with the birth of Millhouse Productions, a production company that managed and promoted Mid-South artists such as Mr. Del, Miscellaneous, L.E.N., Men-E-Faces, Don Frison and Are'le. Also that year, Milli was chosen by Ebony Magazine as one of the "Top 25 Most Successful Black Female Singles" in America.

After the death of Milli’s mother in 1999, aspirations for Millhouse Production came to a halt. A year later, Milli was invited by Memphis' Virgin/Rap-A-Lot Records Hip-Hop Artist, Tela, to appear on his 2000 album "The World Ain't Enough" doing character dialogue bits and chorus hooks to add to her repertoire. To help broaden her horizons in the entertainment industry, Milli and daughter Rumill relocated to the Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex January 2002 to join Disney/ABC Radio Networks. Since then, Milli has formed an alliance with other producers and entertainment icons in the DFW Metroplex; thus expanding her business network and achieving a higher level of management skills. Her skill set was further enhanced by obtaining a Master of Arts degree in Organizational Management from the University of Phoenix in 2004. For seven years, ABC Radio Networks experienced Milli's talents first-hand as she served as a Clearance Representative in Business Operations and a Weekend Radio Personality for Today's Hits and Yesterday's Favorites.

In addition to Milli Mills’ talents, she is also a voice-over artist, choreographer and upcoming actress. She became a member of American Federation for Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA) in 2005 and represented by LMTalent Agency located in Dallas, TX since 2006!

When Milli noticed an enormous number of gifted and talented youth in her community attempting to display their talents, show interest in the field of arts/entertainment, and aim to seek professional advice to jump start a career in entertainment, Millhouse Entertainment was founded July 2007.

Millhouse Entertainment is a 501 (C) (3) Non-profit organization that raises awareness among gifted and talented youth by exposing them to industry professionals and resources who can provide professional guidance, build a professional career network, and assist in jump starting a career in the field of arts/entertainment while still in high school. On July 9, 2007, Millhouse Entertainment received its Certificate of Formation, Certificate of Filing, and Certificate of Account Status from the Texas Secretary of State Office. Millhouse Entertainment became certified by the Federal Government to operate as a 501 (C) (3) Non-Profit Organization February 14, 2008 filed under Public Charity Status 170 (b) (1) (A) (vi). Since then, free quarterly seminars called Art of the Arts Educational Youth Seminars have been held at area community centers and high schools in Irving, TX for nearly six consecutive years to help enhance artistic development of youth through educational awareness of the arts/entertainment industry.

The first Art of the Arts Educational Youth Seminar was held on June 21, 2008 at Cimarron Community Recreational Center in Valley Ranch of Irving, TX. The seminars are hosted by an array of M.C.s. These seminars consist of three key elements: an educational panel of discussion consisting of guest key industry professionals, talent showcase, and door prizes. Each seminar begins with the introduction of guest panel members. Key industry professionals stem from various areas of the field of arts/entertainment such as Broadcasting/Radio/TV & Film, Authors, Talent Agents, Models, etc serve on the panel of discussion to provide career insight, tools, and materials to youth attendants. Each panel is given a 15 – 20 minute window to present a mini lecture which displays their skills and/or area of expertise followed by a question and answer session for youth attendants. The second segment of element is the talent showcase. Local independent artists are welcome to make a guest appearance/performance and students are also welcome to perform during this period. Interested students should notify the vendor coordinator or a representative of Millhouse Entertainment in advance for an opportunity to perform at the seminar. All interested inquiries must sign the artist performing roster prior to start of seminar in order to perform on the event. As a treat for attendants, the seminar simmers down with door prizes and wraps up with refreshments provided by participating restaurants.

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